Adrian's Aprilia Pegaso 2 (ZDM4) 650 1995 - Index Page
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Last updated  13 May 2018
I wanted cheap bike as a winter hack because I am fed up with taking my nice clean Tiger 800 out for a short
ride then having to spend 3 hours cleaning it to get rid of the dirt and the salt.  So in February 2017 I
purchased a 1995 Aprilia Pegaso 650 with 41,000 miles on the clock through eBay.  I prefer the look of the
pre-1996 bikes, later models have more bulbous bodywork.  My bike came with new chain, sprockets and
stainless silencers.  The bodywork is in good condition as were the forks.  No signs of road rash, the mirrors
and indicators are all originals.
The Pegaso started well and I rode it 130 miles home in appalling weather at 70mph. A bit of vibration
otherwise it is lovely and characterful.
All these photos were
taken the day I collected
the Pegaso
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