Adrian's Aprilia Pegaso 650 1995 - Owning and Riding
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My Pegaso is surprisingly tall for a 650 motorcycle, my feet are on tippy toe unlike my Tiger 800.  This is because the frame is tall and partly the seat / frame is
quite wide at the waist.  I found the suspension to be harsh.  I have since fixed this, see my "Issues Page".

I like the light feel of the bike, the steering is neutral.  When I collected the Pegaso the brakes were hopeless as were the lights.  The 650 Rotax engine has
plenty of go and I can cruise at 50, 60, 70 or 80 mph.  The engine is vibey, fortunately this lends character not pins and needles.  I remember back in 2003 my
old 750 Africa Twin being flat out into wind on the French Motorway when a 650 Pegaso came cruising past, proof that these Aprilia's will punch above their
weight.  The Pegaso accelerates quickly from standstill being light with a torquey engine.  Overtaking another vehicle that is travelling 60mph or more does
requires some planning, unlike my Tigers I cannot just twist and go.

The switchgear works well enough and I seem to have decent electrics.  I had to sort out all the issues which took 9 months of my spare time from March to
November.  The Pegaso now starts, runs, does not leak fuel, does not drip oil and the panels are removable on their new stainless fittings.  Rebuilding the forks
and fitting a Hagon shock provides a good ride quality.  The brakes are now usable and I will be fitting braided hose to improve them further.  So at last I am really
enjoying riding this bike, it is fun and it looks good from most angles.

If my Pegaso runs well over the winter I might try some sort of cheap Dakar style paint job with spray cans next spring.  This may sound awful but the Pegaso is
not worth spending much money on and back in the day I achieved decent results re-spraying other bikes.
The fuel tap was too stiff to turn, it leaked in 2
places and fuelling was problematic on a low
tank.  With all these issues fixed and a low
pressure fuel pump installed I can now, start,
run and actually ride my Pegaso
My new 12v LED Headlamp bulb has a large fan/cooler
when installed it just catches on the fairing bracket so I
had to move the headlamp forward a few mm
These photos show how effective my new LED Driving Lamp, LED Pilot Bulb and 12v LED Headlamp bulb are.  Makes my Pegaso much safer to ride, I can now
use the bike after dark.
Cheap £2 12v LED Driving
light from eBay really effective
Cheap 12v LED
replacement Pilot Bulb from
eBay also  effective